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Originally Posted by BROWNS LAWN CARE View Post
I am a heavy sweater. If its 75 and no wind, I'm sweating running my trimmer, maybe even 70 if the humidity is up...

Forget it about in August, I'm wringing wet. And I dump some ice cubes on my head, a cool sleeve from the ice chest around my neck and a wet towel sometimes... Wet, wet, wet... No problems with wet... My problems are low tree limbs...

I need to take the winter and trim all my customers trees, lol...

YMMV, but they hold up to moisture IMO...
Did you get the new headset yet? I'm on my second round with the 730. My first one the left bud quit working. I tried looking at the difference between the 2 on amazon but couldn't really tell that the wires on the new model were "thicker".
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