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Mine only has the 25hp kohler, seems to be plenty to me. I have thick dense grass along a line of 30' Douglas firs that hardly ever gets sun, and is always wet. That stuff would bog down my 63' Ford 4300 gas tractor with a 6'landpride deck, and clump badly... new blades wide open throttle, just thick heavy grass. The Toro cuts it like anything else, doesn't flinch. I will never mow in the rain, and I can wait for good weather to mow, so that is the worst of it and the 25 is plenty. I will not be adding a bagger either, so again not sure what more HP would be worth to me.

Ride was rough when i first got it, but the tire pressure was like 28psi... reccomended was 13 psi, so that smoothed it out alot. Dealer had some deluxe seats and let me swap my 4 hour old seat for a pretty good price so theoretically my 3000 has same rear tires, and a lower center of gravity than a 5 or 6k series...with the same ride should be on par or better I would think. Ride is pretty impressive to me, but I went from improper PSI first time ZTR operator, to lower pressure better seat... so i have nothing to guage, but definetwly smoother tgan the old Ford!
I have only scalped once, and I hit a dog hole with the back tire when I did it. Scalp wheels are at the highest setting. I mow at 3.75" and my property is pretty much flat.

Mine was 7800 with equine. I got a good deal on the seat because I paid cash, even though I qualified 0%.. the financing costs the dealer 2%, the distributer 2%, and toro 2%. Mine will run 1.5-2 hours per week cutting, and garage queen the rest of the time... so worked for me. We cut pastures with a brush hog. I say go for it. Based on my limited experience I am not so sure the big hp is needed for most applications. Although most people here are loke 30hp minimum etc... Maybe mulching, bagging, or cutting in the rain. I use an old 20hp PTO simplicity with the impellar on the 3 point, and the aluminum trailer, works great the two times I do leaves a is a shame they don't build them like the mid 80's Simplicity or Allis Chambers anymore. That old girl will be my primary backup, yeah I have a sweet spot for that machine.
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