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Originally Posted by weeze
the point i was making is the mini trucks just look better and are just awesome. the rtv things just look like a side by side with a cab on them.
The rtv things ARE a side by side with a cab on them! Although the higher end diesel models are made for work, not fun. The mini trucks are designed to haul light loads around on city streets. They are designed similarly to the older Japanese compact trucks, just smaller. The RTVs (at least the Kubota) have design features more similar to a tractor. The RTV1100 has a 3 range hydro transmission and live hydraulics. You can put a plow on the front, run a log splitter off the back and will go places and move loads that would kill a mini truck. But mini trucks are more street friendly. It just boils down to what you like and what you plan to use the vehicle for.
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