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Are Goats the only answer?

In the spring of 2013 I replaced my old Hustler with a new one. It had belt problems the very first time I used it . In fact, it has never worked like my old one did. The dealer told me we were having a very wet spring and things would get better. The dealer told me not to mow when the moisture content was high so I mowed on my lunch break at noon rather than in the evening when it was cool. The dealer told me I was letting the grass get too tall so I mowed on a lower setting. The dealer told me I needed to mow more often so I mowed twice a week. The dealer told me I should have started mowing earlier in the season. By September it was hopeless and I hired someone to bushhog the front yard.
In March 2014 I started mowing for the season. I mowed at the hottest part of the day. I mowed on the highest setting and three days later I went over it on a lower setting. I only ran the mower for an hour a day. I spoke kindly to the mower…
In May it started having belt problems. So, if the mower doesn’t work in the spring when the grass is full of moisture and growing and it doesn’t work in the summer when the grass is dry but tall, what the heck good is it for?
My patience with my new Hustler and with everyone who tells me I need to mow the grass is about gone. I guess I have to buy another mower. Any suggestions on a brand?

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