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Originally Posted by RobD70 View Post
I took another guy out last Friday to look at this project. He said of all the projects they did over the years, he said he hasnt done anything like this. I am 1 guy and then my son will help here and there. It would be a insane amount of work and would take alot of days/hours to try and rip up the sod and then haul it all off. Then that soil is quite rocky, so we would have alot of rocks to deal with also. I am looking into another option, an that is to just mow the existing grass as short as the mower can go, then put a 1-2" layer of fresh screen top soil over it all and re-seed that. 2" will cost about $8,000 just for top soil. I would think it would take 2-3 days to get the soil there, dumped and spread out. Then fertilizer and seed. No matter how this one is done, it will be expensive. Judging by the homes in that sub division.....there is no shortage of money. I need to figure estimates both ways, taking the sod, rocks, etc off, leveling and seeding...and having top soil brought in to spread out and seed. I think the amount of labor in removing it all will cost him more than the cost of top soil and labor to spread it.
If the soil is full of rocks then topping be the best route
2'' of top soil $8k WOW your dirt is high
Here cost about $1500 just for the dirt

You have a tiller just till the sod up it will be less labor
I would not use you PTO rake to break up the sod Use your tiller it will do a better job
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