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Originally Posted by Snyder's Lawn Inc View Post
If the soil is full of rocks then topping be the best route
2'' of top soil $8k WOW your dirt is high
Here cost about $1500 just for the dirt

You have a tiller just till the sod up it will be less labor
I would not use you PTO rake to break up the sod Use your tiller it will do a better job
I did a garden area for a couple people that was existing lawn and the sod is pretty bad with the tiller to. I thought of trying my tiller with the skids set so it would only cut about 1 1/2" down so we got most of the sod, then power raking it. It will still be alot of labor as it is a big area. Plus with it being rather rocky soil, it is rough on the tiller to.

Top soil from one place I know of is $14.60 a yard delivered. We are talking 543 yards to cover 2 acres with 2" of screen top soil. I figured it using 88,000 square feet. If you could get that much for only $1500, you are paying only 2.76 per yard which is an incredible deal. You cant buy any dirt/soil/sand for that anywhere around here. Not even junk fill.
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