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I use a normal wand from pro-tect and spray with 1 hand to do the edges, while the other hand holds my boards. Just gotta build those muscles in your right arm first to handle that wand lol. But yea turning down the psi can help too when doing the edging.

You gotta learn to sell your services, cracks are very essential, I know they take a lot of time to do properly but if you charge accordingly your still making money.

I just sprayed 12 driveways yesterday by myself, only 3 of them got hot rubberized crack repairs included. I don't start my crack kettle for less than 50$.

One of them was a tiny single car driveway, told him 50$ extra to repair 3 cracks, probably 3 linear feet each. Just starting heating the machine while I was out prepping other driveways, then once the machine was hot it took me another 5mins to fill up the cracks.

For major cracked driveways, I usually give them a price for sealing, and one for sealing + cracks, but I always show them which cracks I will be fixing and which one I wont.
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