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Originally Posted by LawnMan19 View Post
Yeah, man sounds like you've got a lot to consider. Wow it is hard to believe it's been 2 years now. And yeah I had a walker but actually sold it when the dealer that sold them around me quit and I will not set foot into the other. You by chance on Instagram? If so PM me your name I post up a lot of my pics there, it's just easier than here....
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I dont have instagram however if its unlocked ill step over and creep on it. My walker needs a engine rebuild and I believe a hydro. Its been sitting in our storage place for the summer so far. I may just go buy a new one. Were trying to get into some tractor work and hoping to buy a new yanmar. So another mower or fixing that one isn't on the top of my list. Our turf tracer is a tank I beat the living hell out of it. Other than oil changes and air filters we dont put anything into it.
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