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Originally Posted by oqueoque View Post
I thought, I read through this entire thread, but I might have missed this. I purchased the Exmark 30 in April 2014. It works great , but recently the machine has died when in use a couple of times. I replaced the fuel. Switching from Citgo to Shell, but still experience the same problem. I checked and cleaned the air filter also. Has anyone had this happen. We currently clean the bottom of the deck by turning the machine on it's side, carburetor up. I called Exmark and was told it is OK to clean it this way.
My friend is having the same problem with his ex30 and he said he took it to dealer and it has to do with a problem with the venting in the gas tank. They're ordering him a new gas tank. When he opens up the gas cap a bubble is released in the fuel filter and the mower operates and runs smooth again.
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