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Originally Posted by Green-Man View Post
Isn't it just great getting new equipment?! Haha man the walker looks beat up! Poor thing. How did you learn to do all the patio stuff? I wanna learn all this but I just don't know where to start
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Its not as bad as it looks. It needs a good washing and I have a slurry of grass and water in the bin inserts. As for the patio stuff I learned by doing it. Alot of the patios and walls you see here are my first time doing it. Im sure I can change things to make it better or improve on time but that is with anything. We also will offer discounts on things we haven't done before (although at this point there isnt much we dont do or know how to do). Along with being up front with the customers. Most people in our area though know we do quality work so there willing to take a shot. The round patio you see a few pages back we laid twice. when we had the original pattern laid we had a bad slope heading back to the wall. So we picked it back up and re leveled. It cost me more money in labor but the job was done right and still looks great today. You can read up on laying patios and walls. Excavation is cake, add your stone or paver material depth with the layer of dust or sand, and finally add your base material to find how far you have to excavate. We shoot our grades with an old school transit. We also use water levels. Its 10x easier with a laser level. If you need fall (which you will) you build that into your calculation. For example im throwing out numbers here. If your using a 2 inch thick flag stone add that with a 2 inch layer of dust or sand with your 6 inches of 2a. you come up with 10 inches. You need to excavate 10 inches down. IF you need a 1 inch fall away from a house or just to move water away from a wall you'd go 1 inch higher at that starting point with your 2a base and grade out and down. Theres a bit more in it than that but thats the basic run down with no particular numbers. Flag stone is a pain in the ass because its all types of thickness. We try to lay our edges without cutting them I think it looks more natural. We also take the time to keep our joints tight and piece together a puzzle with no end look. Another big thing is we sweep the gator dust off of every stone individually. The reason why is because we found if you have the slightest bit of residue on the stone it looks bad. Another tip is over excavation is key. It gives you a much better base and a lot less worry about wash outs and leveling after the fact. When doing stone work it is all patience. Patience is key. We have a bid to do tom. dealing with a nice size wall and a flag stone patio. Last but not least landscape fabric and geogrid are your friend. Look at any of the big hardscape guys and thats what they use so it serves a purpose
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