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Originally Posted by gallihergreen View Post
The S-10 and Colorado were fine trucks. They had cheap interiors, but so did a Ranger or Taco of the same vintage. The 4.3 V-6 was a very reliable little motor.
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The 4.3 is identical to the tried and true 350 its just short 2 cylinders. Heck of a motor but yes interiors sucked. If you're buying a work truck based on interior quality all I can say is priorities. Mechanically its tough to go wrong with any of the small trucks. The 3.0 ford put in the rangers for a bit is kind of a dud but other than that they're all pretty reliable long life engines. Have you thought of a dodge Dakota? Still small but can get it with a v8 so you're not pushing it to the limit constantly while towing. You lose some fuel economy and I don't trust them for quite as many miles but not bad trucks. With any vehicle who cared for it last is more important than who built it.
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