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Originally Posted by JimsLocalLawn View Post
If you do let me know. If you don't mind subbing I can probably keep you busy all year long
How close are you to Uniontown area? When I first get up there I could really use some work if you want a hand. I do need to get back in mowing shape though. This is the second season that I have not been mowing. I was growing good two years ago, then drought. Customers told me not to come unless they called me. So all but a few clients who watered "illegally" went to monthly mows!! That really killed my small company.
So no company and my wife wanted to move by her sister, so RELUCTANTLY I moved to Rushville Illinois. Pop 3,000, don't look at a map, its not on there. Nothing but corn, corn,corn, oh and some corn, and NO money. Some houses look like I could just push them over, holes in roofs, no windows, and people live in them! So off to the Pitt area like I wanted in the first place.
Finally I will get all the Steelers games for free! no more Dish robbing me blind!
Thats my rant for the night.
Grassy Nuts!
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