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Originally Posted by Sonnie Parker View Post
Hmmm... how long should that take I wonder? We have had two 2500's and now two 3100's going on our fourth season... all have been much more difficult to keep straight than the previous two Grasshoppers I had for about 10 years and a Gravely that I had for a short while (granted neither near as comfortable). It took me about one cut to get use to the GH... now fifty-eleven cuts later and the Ferris mowers are still hard to keep in a straight line. 3 different guys have been driving them and we all agree. I guess maybe I have 4 really unlucky mowers or someone's putting something in our coffee.
I like your witty response...I would believe as you, that you and your employees have operated mowers long enough to know the difference in good and poor steering.

From what I gather you have two 3100's that have been the most difficult mowers you've ever owned to drive in a straight line, is this correct?

How old are the 3100's?
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