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Yes... I will confirm they have been the most difficult to keep in a straight line. The 2500's were the same. I brought this up to my dealer and he said he thought they made them too short, and if they had extended the wheels on out that it would have made it easier to keep straight. Granted, we have gotten better at driving them over the years, but after being off of one for several months (I don't cut with my crew any longer) and jumping on one the other day... I thought I was gonna have a wreck. It was extremely sensitive. I also mentioned this directly to Ferris middle of last summer when we were having so many issues with the 2500's, but they never offered any solution. Ferris and the dealer ended up swapping a pair of 3100's to us for the 2500's in October of last year. We had to wait for them to come from Ferris, so they should be fairly new... less than a year old.

If it were not for the convenience and comfort, I would not own the Ferris, but it seems those few pros somewhat outweigh the cons, although sometimes I wonder. The Ferris dealer lives in my town, so when we do have issues, it is much more convenient to get the mower to him for repair. We have Gravely, Scag, Kubota, Cub Cadet, Exmark, Toro dealers... maybe a few other dealers within 30-50 miles or so, but the aggravation of having to drive that far for repairs is not worth it. And I don't know of any brand that does not occasionally need something done that the dealer has to handle. We did start keeping an extra belt with us, a tensioner eyebolt, tensioner spring and an extra safety switch. These are things that seem to break/malfunction on us the most often. Although we have had a few instances where we had no choice but to go back to the dealer for repair... things we could not fix or figure out. I have been considering buying a third backup (dealer will make me a good deal on his demo), and to keep around my house so I can cut my 10-12 acres when the crew is out. But I keep also having second thoughts about snagging another brand somewhere since it won't be used commercially but on occasion.

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