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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
Sounds great Snyder.

Iowa State often seeds their test plots in the middle of summer (full sun). Sounds weird, but they irrigate twice a day, and it always works, but they have good soil. I have 2 fairly large seeding jobs to do this summer. Both are "tender lawns" (loam soil with plenty of shade). I want to seed these 2 properties in July or early August during a dry spell so the soil is dry, in hopes that the new grass emerges in time so it gets mowed several times before the leaves start to fall. These customers are aware of the factors involved. We'll see cuz not all lawns are the same.
Its been raining here with cool temps So things don't dry out very fast
Now we have a heat wave I have 2 New seeding jobs I like to wait till August but not sure customers wants to wait.
Started one today that another Lawn Company tried to seed it last fall He was cheaper then me last fall when I price this lawn.
Funny part the grade of the lawn look just like it did last fall. The other Company seeded it like The Home Contactor left it.
It was wavy, lumpy Needed 45 tons of top soil.
Installed the top soil and have it graded ready for seed. Then the customer now wants some landscaping done so now calling for rain So this project will be put on hold till have free time to make the beds and get the plants. Makes a person mad when they do this but more $$ is always nice.
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