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Originally Posted by Turf-Magic View Post
I treat for moles/voles on an "as needed" basis. I keep a box of Talpirid in my service vehicles. When we see a mole run, we simply drop some pieces of the worm in select areas throughout the runs. I'm trying the "Kaput Bait System" this year for better vole control.

I also offer a Perimeter Pest Control Program. It's a VERY easy service to perform and the product (crosscheck LESCO) is cheap. We simply spray a path around the perimeter of the home, 3 feet up the foundation and 6 ft out in the landscape...also spray around entry ways that you can reach (doors, windows, etc.) It creates a barrier to keep insects from entering the home. We offer 4 services per year. Granted it's not as in depth as what Orkin or someone similar would do but it does work well as a preventative measure. Some states require a license to do this service.

I'm all about upselling services if a customer truly needs it. Any extra revenue is ok in my opinion!!
We do the same thing down here in NWFL.
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