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For residential driveways, black mac is ok, it will stand out for about 2 years.

If the driveway has never been sealed before, blackmac will only last 1 season, whether you spray thick or not, I have tested this out and I can confirm. for commercial parking lots, or any asphalt that has a lot of traffic, blackmac will not stand a chance. One of my competition sprays a water base product, with no sand, the stuff will still look black after 3 years its been done.

It not just regular water base stuff similar to the home hardware or Canadian tire stuff, seal-master makes it, they have engineers to test out this product on different aspect, and it has been tested out in Canada. I did a lot of research before putting money into this.

One good thing about this product is you can also apply 2 coats within 30min-1hour of drying time before coats, so your product can last even longer. You can walk on it after 2-3 hours, and the final product becomes a jet-black appearance, not a shiny look that you get with blackmac for 2-3 weeks.

Like I said, its a good product for residential driveways that get it done every 2 years, but I really got fed up with newly driveways that had never been sealed, I knew my blackmac was going to soak in into the asphalt, and always explain that to the customer and mention to them that they should get a 2nd coat the year after, then they can start doing it every 2 years. But even knowing that, I would spray a friken thick amount of sealer to try to make it last longer then my competition, since I was charging more per square foot then them, have proper equipment, image etc. But even then, if I sprayed a driveway in spring 2013, by fall 2014, almost 70% of the sealer is gone.

I did 4 major banks around my local town, all where over 10k square feet, I made some good cash, but totally lost my chance to re-do these banks later on. I sprayed a lot of sealer, especially at the entrance, but still, when there is 20-40 cars going into the bank everyday, blackmac can't compete with that. The parking spaces don't look so bad, but the main entrances are faded out completely. Now the GM of the bank has hired the other guy who sprays water base stuff to redo the 4 banks this year (not even a year after I sprayed them) and his stuff is going to stay like that for another 2-3 years easily.

It's simple, I want to stand out in this business, I want to use a different and better products that very few have. There is only 1 other guy I know who doesn't use blackmac, not much compared to 10-15 guys I see per summer using blackmac.

If I can charge the same price as I was with blackmac, but this product will have a better finish product look, plus it will stay jet-black for 3 years, I think putting myself in a client's perspective, it's a very good deal, good way for repeat customers.

On the other hand with blackmac, if your charging 20-25 cents a square foot, good luck finding repeat customers, I lost of ton this summer due to competition. Because most customers wants their driveways to be sprayed for the cheapest, so they don't mind paying 10-12cents every year.
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