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I agree Black-mac will not last on a parking lot because of higher traffic and larger snowplowing equipment. Years of homeowners using waterbased bucket crap from the local stores that cracks and peels within months of applying has turned them off on water based sealer . I know seal-master is not the same material but around here would be a really hard sell . Hard to get 12 - 17 cents here so no way are they going to pay 25 cents . I almost purchased a seal-master 300 trailer [ $10,000.00 plus ] but after thinking about storing material in heated garage , paying for shipping of trailer and barrels of material in usa funds I changed my mind . Cleaning out the tank would be nasty every year plus mixing water- sand- material is just more work . I understand what you are saying J F and wish you good luck . In a few years maybe around here people will slowly understand that bucket crap is a waste of time and all water based sealer is not the same. Until then I will Keep spraying Black-mac , slowing trying to get 15 - 20 cents .. Keep us informed about how your spraying is going.
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