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Originally Posted by aaronmg View Post
Cut quality on a 52" is awesome if its every week mowing. I have lots of every 2 week customers and with any kind of moisture in the grass you might as well have a 2,000 homeowners model, its that bad.... The deck can't process wet/damp clippings at the rate the grass is growing this year...
Dont have a single bi weekly customer nor plans to ever take one on. I do 90% high end residential, some want me to cut it "as needed" by my own discretion, one guy wants it cut every 3 days @ $100/cut if thats what it takes to keep it nice. But, thats not say I will never get a day or two behind due to weather.

How is it mowing in damp, dewy, or rainy conditions with normal growth?
Just like everyone else on here, I have stuff that cuts, whacks, mows and blows. And way to haul it around.
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