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Originally Posted by TuffTurfLawnCare View Post
I know this is an old quote from early on in this thread, but its worth mentioning that this kind of service is still the norm. I called every dealer within 2 hrs of here looking for a 61 to demo and no body had one. My local dealer called around, and even checked on availability to get one in, but found none were available till late July. I dropped a PM here to Gravely and after a few phone calls, they shipping in a PS61 from Michigan so I can demo it and buy it if its as good as I hope it is... It should be ready to demo late this week.
I love this machine to death I would rather run it than the full suspension ferris all day every day. The negative is that on any kind of slope it will leave stragglers...
This is on my customers that get weed control and fert. Funny thing is that the customers that have weed ridden yards the cut is better....Maybe because the yards here are soo rough... I don't know...

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