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Sod cutter for a big area like this, 2 acres is not an option as it would take a long time to do and would be alot more labor. After considering a couple options, including spreading topsoil over the entire yard and reseeding that way, I will be spraying the whole yard, leaving it sit 2-3 weeks, then power raking it and seeding it. I have a spot in my back yard that I sprayed and let sit for like 11 days. I used my tiller to see how it looked and while it worked it up, it left of plenty of clumps of sod. I used my power rake and in 2 passes and 1 finishing pass, it was pretty decent. I think not take off to much in the first pass is the key so you do rip up big clumps of sod compared to taking the top inch or so and it being pulled apart instead. Some of the dead grass on top, but didnt seem to be any clumpos of sod that I could see. Most of the sod seems to have broken up pretty good and blended in nicely. That big of an area will still take a quite a bit of time, but getting rid of most of the sod will be a huge help.
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