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Originally Posted by grassmasterswilson View Post
Went back to some lawns that were sprayed over the last 7-10 days and seeing some burning from my spray. Not sure if the heat and humidity caused it or the combination of dew/spray and granular fert.

I'm using a zspray that is calibrated at 15 gpa but going to recheck today. I'm mixing the following...

Celcius at .24 oz per gallon
Prosedge at .05 oz per Gallon
Mso at 1/4 oz per gallon

This mix seems fine on common Bermuda but the hybrids are showing some signs. Hoping the fert and a mow will fix everything.
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If I use Celsius In a z spray tank mix it is usually for broadcast apps to control crabgrass(high rate) not the medium rate. Metsulfuron will handle just about any other weed listed on the Celsius label other than Fescue. If you are using the mix you just described you must have a lawn with a pretty bad weed problem. Surely you told your customer that there would be some temporary discoloration??? If not, you should have.

Some here might lead you to believe that when done properly, the weeds will die, the lawn never has any discoloration and everything will be "peaches'n'cream". In reality, that is almost never the case...

When using combinations of potent herbicides to control nasty weed infestations, collateral damage should be expected to a you and the customer. But, the customer has to be informed of this. Set expectations.
I always use the phrase "It's going to look worse before it looks better". That usually prepares them for just about anything and 99.9% of the time there is never a problem.

You shouldn't be performing "Burn & Return" but some damage should be expected with the mix you are using.
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