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I'm just spot spraying lawns. I've tried them separately and feel it's easier on me to do them together. I'm also trying to use a mix that works on all warm season turf. Ironically the yellowing I have seen is on hybrid Bermuda and not common Bermudez centipede. It is also only on a few which could mean bad mix or adverse weather conditions.

Skip may be onto something. Prosedge likes regular 80/20 but most of us have seen celcius work better with mso.

Ted - I've seen pretty good grassy weed control or suppression with the medium rate although most of the crab i see now is young. I use msm in round 2 at a low rate.

This mix is the best I've found for the most brad range of weeds. Will try 80/20 next time as the mso could be too hot.
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