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Originally Posted by charmill26 View Post
I'm at 45 per person. dump fee only if its a significant amount. I'd avoid telling them an hourly rate as most people will croak at it. I've always read and learned by under/over bidding that when you're bidding something you're unsure of to double the price/amount of time you think it will take initially. I'm lucky enough to not have to bid the majority of my work as its for existing customers and they just tell me to do it. I don't sell myself short and can be as thorough as necessary without worrying about a time frame. When I do have to give prices I usually try to give them a broad ballpark price as in $100-200 for example. Most customers are more than fine with this and really just want a rough price range so they know what to expect. As long as the work shows for itself the price isn't a Huge deal as you get what you pay for
I never do a range.... Always an exact price. Hourly rate (40) times estimated number of hours. Only do a dump fee if it's more than a few yards of material.
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