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Originally Posted by thelawnduke View Post
Is anyone else offering top dressing with compost? I was able to sell 5 customers early this spring and their lawns are out growing everyone else. If the weather gets as hot and dry as the almanac predicts more customers may be open to it. It really seams to help with water retention. Even with a hand spreader the profit margins are quite high and I suspect would increase with a more developed system.
I'd love to, but we don't have product available. Could you pm me info on the compost material? The local company sells it at $93/yd (NO KIDDING) and all it is is clumps of topsoil, mulch and leaves/sticks etc. Good for gardening but you can forget about spreading it!!! What grass species are you topdressing? How many sq ft per yd of compost? how are you topdressing - what type of equipment?
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