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I am using the same things. With the preface that "you have to break a few eggs to make the omelet". I have the good fortune of customers being used to yard people walking around with hot mixes of MSMA or Trimec. So, if I boom spray their lawn with say, Dismiss and Celsius causing the tips of the grass to yellow, they will not get excited. The tips mow off next week. Nothing like the missile test sites left by the old herbicides. The one time I did a lower volume application of Dismiss and Celsius in 20 gallons per acre, I got more browning than if I did it in my usual 40 or 50.

What looks bad is the spot treatment. You would not notice as much if the whole lawn were the same. Celsius is somewhat of a growth regulator. I am suspecting that combining halosulfuron with most other sulfonylurea herbicides creates a hot mix. Tribute Total is the three way package of Revolver, Celsius, and Prosedge. That will yellow a lawn, but not as bad as MSMA would. In the old days, all there was for purple nutsedge control in warm season grasses was Image. That could be a nasty application. When spot sprayed in a lawn, the spot would show up as an area of stunted and purpled or yellowed grass. Took about a month to grow out of it. I only broadcast Image on well fertilized lawns to minimize the discoloration and regulated growth.
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