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Originally Posted by Doug M View Post
Hate to bump a old thread but I'm replacing a 257B and looking at the 259D. My dealer has quoted me almost the same machine with a 4n1 bucket but he's at $64k. Anybody else priced one lately and if so what is your location? NC here.

What blew up on you? Final drive? Undercarriage? Engine?
257B runs like smooth butter…but is also as durable as smooth butter!

tier 4 engine is what is easting up all your money on this baby.

IMHO Id look for a used one with a tier 3 engine from a rental fleet or the like.

Your most likely NOT big enough to get federal tax discounts or be federally mandated to use, or have jobs that require percentages of your fleet to be tier 4 compliant.

With that in mind, a lot of the larger companies and bigger rental fleets (CAT Store, United Rentals etc) have to dump their tier 3's for just that reason.
Which means you could find a machine with maybe 900-1000 hours on it for 50% of that price or better.

Are you sure you want to pay for a 4 in 1 bucket? Are you actually going to use it?
I would get a regular bucket and save some $$ , so many people rarely if ever actually use the 4 in 1

If you have extremely rocky soil you work in regularly I would not get a 259/279/299 they have a weakness thats hard for me to explain, but found it quickly during a demo.

Look into a Case or Bobcat CTL
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