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Latest update in my Exmark 30 saga, but first, here is whats happened in the last few weeks:

A few weeks back, my initial exmark 30 had drive problems, and I suspect a transmission problem. Took it to my dealer and asked if he had a new one in stock, because I needed to keep one on hand to keep up. He didn't have a new one, but I bought a used one he had on the dealer floor to get me by until mine could be fixed. Been calling them every few days, and still not fixed. They said parts were on back order, and they were still working on it which is a bummer. In the meantime, been using the used exmark 30, and have had random blade engagement problems. Odd thing, sometimes it would engage blades fully, sometimes not, sometimes they wouldn't dis engage completely either. So, I tried doing the cable adjusments, an that didn't help. Then I noticed when we pulled the blade engagement handle, the engagement linkage would be hitting the side of the mower that appears to be stretched belt. When I removed the belt, I found the source of the problem. The pulley that is attached to the linkage that is used to tighten the upper blade belt and drive the lower blade belt/spindles and blades, has worn down AND has a flat spot in it. And the other bummer is that its some form of plastic.....really?? Plastic? Called the dealer and the parts aren't in stock so they will have to be ordered.....grrrrrrr.

Now I may have to drive 100 miles in one direction to take this back up mower to the dealer so we can attempt to make one good mower out of two that are bad, until the remainder of the parts can be ordred and come in.

I continue to post in this thread to provide others with info on the exmark 30's, and common problems that may occur. Don't get me wrong, overall I think the mowers are quite efficient, but recently im having quite a run of problems.
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