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Originally Posted by 01thump View Post
I love single axle trailers they can turn way better less wear on tires and as far as if I had a blowout no big deal I have had blow outs on single axle trailers before I tow it with my dually that out weighs it so have not had a bad experience yet with a all my stuff is insured so if it happens it happens cant be afraid of something all the time..I got this trailer used on a quick buy needed it that day so I bought it cheap and built all the add ons I needed dream trailer would be a dump trailer 7x14 single 10,000lbs axle on it the turning radius is so much better on a single axle and the wear on tires is night and day different...that is my answer to your question to each his or her own...peace...I might have to have my dream trailer built or just buy a dual axle 7x14 dump year I will upgrade..
Thanks for the reply I was just curious and not that trusting with that much money and set up with only two tires or any insurance company for that matter.
You have one of the nicest set-ups I have seen, but I did not understand the reasoning for the lack of another axle.

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