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Hustler X-one (21 hours) hydro issue?

I have a 2014 kawi powered Hustler X-one 60". I rolled over 21 hours this week and and having some issues I am concerned about.

1. The main issue seems to be hydro or drive related. On the right wheel only, when I move the lever forward, the lever will go forward about 10% and then jerk forward, if I really try to move the handle slow it doesnt do it as bad. The left wheel never seems to do this. It seems to be getting worse and worse. Today when mowing every other turn would have this issue. Move lever forward, delay and no movement forward, then all the sudden its like the wheel catches and jolts forward. Is this normal? For the first 18 or so hours this did not happen.

2. On each handle there is a bolt that is in the body of the mower and stops the handles from going too far forward. These bolts have allen wrench heads. On the main assembly of the arm where it mounts to the brakes and linkage there is another bolt shaft that actuall threads into the assemble, There is not bolt head. I noticed today it had slipped forward and was keeping me from moving the lever all the way forward. This bolt does not have a head and had an allen head. The issue is the bolt will not tighten , it just threads and threads into it comes out the other side. Is this normal?

3. Right fuel tank gas gauge is stuck at two bars.

Those are my issues, I am most worried about number 1. I have not done the 50 hour fluid change yet. Thanks for any help.
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