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Originally Posted by scagwildcat View Post
I think that you might want to look at getting more efficient employees, a single guy should be able to mow atleas 10 decent size lawns a day,if it takes three people to now 40 lawns that would be a problem for my business. have one guy now full time,you will need to add more lawns to do that,have the other guy help you a few days a week,and help with the larger mowing accounts, this way you are all productive.on weeks that rain is expected or holidays you all mow.
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You are right on about my employees efficiency. I have one good one and have gotten rid of others I had this year due yo just being physically slow and slow to Learn. So I'm trying to now (as of this week) do it all with 1 guy and myself. Just seems like there should be a healthy ratio of mowing/landscape. I'm thinking mowing 30%-landscape 70%??? What do you guys think?
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