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Originally Posted by slowleak1 View Post
Stihl for trimmers, hands down. Husky for blowers, hands down.
Is this opinion based on comparing apples to apples?

Originally Posted by slowleak1 View Post
I used to be the biggest die hard echo fan around....till I decided to diversify. Should have done it a long time ago. There is so much better out there than echo.
Again, is this based on apples to apples comparison? Because you and I are at different ends of the spectrum. My first Echo was 12yrs ago and it's still running. I switched to Stihl, 7yrs ago, because an outstanding dealer started carrying them. You can look at my signature list and see everything I have. I'd still be with Stihl, if they were all that. For sure, if you came into my shop and demoed my Stihl FS55 against my Echo 225, you'd have a different opinion. Furthermore, my LCO friend with three crews going left Stihl, as well. I'm glad I listened to him and gave them another look.

Originally Posted by slowleak1 View Post
FYI my dealer says its so simple to adjust valves that they check and adjust every single stihl that comes in for no charge. Just something else to think about, if the valve thing has you on the fence.
If it were a proper 2-stroke you wouldn't have to adjust valves. And, adjustments aren't the only thing they need. It's been well-documented they have major issues with their 4-mix valvetrains and customer satisfaction. Otherwise, they would continue moving in 4-mix direction.

Originally Posted by yardmn13 View Post
They get boggy on me in about a year. I have always been a echo guy. I did try sthil and Husqvarna. Sthil was did work good but the engine went after 3 years and went back to echo. now boggy again.
Sounds like a fuel delivery issue, as in the carb needs cleaned. If you're not frequently using the equipment, you should always mix Sea Foam in with your gas. It's not a bad thing to do that anyway, to keep things cleaned out. Also, you may consider using the premixed 50:1 gas, as it's pure, if you're a less frequent user. I've seen paraffin buildup, within a month of using pump gas.

Originally Posted by slowleak1 View Post
I bought a 580bts, couldnt be happier. My echo never got boggy, never did not start on the first pull...just one day would not start anymore. Tried changing all kinds of parts, nothing. Bought the husky, and of course one day I decided to randomly try the echo and it fired up first pull....anyways 580 bts has saved me so much time on my route its not even funny.
To be fair, only the RM 8500 can compare to that blower. That thing's a beast!
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