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when i bid a job...i have a mulch install price per yard and a weeding price added together. If they are supplying the mulch...i would figure $30 per yard if its pretty easy to install. And i calculate $40 per hour to weed. So lets say there are 10 yards to install with an estimated 3 hours of weeding. My bid would be $420

Mulch that is easy to install (close to the truck / pile, few flowers to work around) should go down at a rate of around 1 yard per 40-45 minutes. So my $30 per yard equals at least $40 per hour. bid would say something to the affect of:
To weed and install 10 yards of mulch.....$420

I never put my hourly rate down for the customer to see. It would not go well here in Ky. I get about 40-50% of my im right where i need to be in pricing.
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