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Yes. It spread evenly on both sides. Just way narrow.


1) We still have the Spyker 220 electric (huge) hopper that we used back in the 1990's -- it spreads very far & wide, and even on both sides. We stopped using it cuz it was a "spread only" unit (no weed spray option).

2) We are still using a couple of Spyker 288 "push spreaders" (discontinued). Our 288's spread evenly & much wider than our "stand-on spreader/sprayer" units currently do. Go figure.

Been using Spykers for a very long time (much longer than anybody else in our market). Main reasons: wide spread/nice overlap/never any streaking.

Here's the Spyker 220. Spreads probably 20 feet. Also spreads evenly. Note the "impeller"....... 4 straight fins..........

Please let me know what you come up with. We can test ANY part you send our way.

Thanks much, Larry

p.s. for all Nebraska viewers: the pictures look upside down, but it's cuz the spreader is stored upside down.
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