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^^that's awesome, because if you're making these big changes there are two ways of doing it. The iron fist from above, or you sell the changes. snomaha's example is a great way of selling it.

I worked at a lot of companies before ending up in business. When I worked for a big multinational, every 12-18 months we'd get a new regional VP who was a big swinging d*ck who was going to shake everything up. We were profitable, we were kicking butt, but these guys saw change for the sake of change as a way to get noticed and move up the ladder. We did everything we could to undermine these mopes. Conversely, I worked for a small business where things got tough, the owners had a frank conversation with us and treated us like adults, and everyone put their shoulder to the wheel to get through it.

Bottom line, if you want to retain the wealth of experience and client knowledge you have on payroll you need to view the plan as an operational challenge but the execution as a SALES challenge. If sales isn't a strong area for you, that may be worth bringing in some outside help.
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