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Originally Posted by Groomer View Post
That's borderline absurd.

I bet the 30 and above lawns were showing some ...well, operator fatigue?

I run all 48" turf tracers, walk only, but not to that extreme.

Maybe you should try 2 48's? then you could cut 60 a day! lol

Mow power to ya, bro.
Yeah, it was absurd. What pissed me off is we did them all in one day because the forecast for the next 3 days was nothing but rain, and of course it didn't rain.

I've grown a lot since then and now we're running 3 guys, 2 mowers. 2 days is a 52" Vantage and a 60" Turf Tracer; we barely use the 48" anymore. And now we can do 35 in a 8 or 9 hour day; it sure helps to not drive between lawns.
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