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Make an aerator for ZTR?

Has anyone successfully fabricated an easy to use (and cheap) coring aerator to put behind or in front of a ZTR mower? I looked at a 42 wide one (used) that is designed for putting cement blocks in for weight and use as a tow behind unit. Seems to me some brackets could be fabricated and an "up and down" lever put on it that could be reached from the seat and use the mower weight to push the rotating hollow tubes into the turf. I already have a trailer hitch receiver (1 1/2 inch) on the back of my ZTR, and could easily make two to put on the front bar to use for solidly mounting a coring apparatus to which would be easy to put on and remove. I missed a used one on EBAY last went for $90. Any pics would be appreciated.......
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