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Well, I took delivery of my PS61 yesterday. I have had it out and so far I am happy. Although I suspect a set of G6 blades may enhance the discharged clipping size. I am amazed at how strong this thing pulls up hills without so much as a hint of lifting the front. I have taken up and down some hills that are beyond its design limits, and so far so good.

Turning down hill is sketchy as I imagine all standers are. However, I have found that turning in a quick motion will all but eliminate the sideways slide. Also, when going down hills and it begins to slide, I have found that trying to stop or reverse is useless. adding wheel speed is pretty much the only thing you can do to at least be able to steer. Kinda like driving through a slide on snow covered roads in a car. Leaning waaay back with your arms extended also make a difference.

None of this stuff (as far as I can tell) is specific to the Prostance, but to all standers in general.

I am still getting used to the controls as I am used the ECS on my Exmark walk behind, but here are some pics of the cut and stripes. I just cut this today, 4", thick stand of TTTF. The other crazy marks are from the fert guy riding his spreader around the other day. My stripes aren't perfectly straight, but I'm getting better.

Here it is packed on the trailer. I have a 48" WB, 21 push and 61 Pro Stance packed on a 6x10' trailer with 2 inches to spare between the gate and the Pro Stance

Just like everyone else on here, I have stuff that cuts, whacks, mows and blows. And way to haul it around.
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