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I took the weekend off, went down to Kentucky. Boy was it hot! Sounds like it was pretty warm here as well. My backlog is huge, and I am concerned these guys with carts are going to take away some of my business. They have been all around and so far I have not had anyone cancel. These guys spray in any weather!! Oh well.

What is your cutoff temperature (high side) for spraying? Have seen a lot of driveway done by the competition and there are tire marks on most. Looks like it was sprayed too thick, or the customer did not wait long enough. I stopped and asked one of them and they said the were told to stay off for 24-36 hours, they stayed off for a little over two days and they still have marks. Never told them I was spraying, just that I was interested in who did the work and if they were happy. Will get them next time!!
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