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Originally Posted by alexschultz1 View Post
In north Atlanta we have very difficult lawns to cut. There are a lot of hills, the contractors who build homes here don't grade properly so most properties have "Swales" that scalp very easily. Bermuda grass grows thick and rapidly so a higher hp/pto clutch helps. It rains a lot so something that is easy on the turf. The best solution to these lawns are walk behinds, which I run, however I need to add a ztr to the trailer. I'm trying to find a mower that is versatile. Something that can be used on my larger properties and my smaller residential.

cut qualityon hills and Swales is the most important factor in choosing the right mower.
you're looking for a walker or an exmark navigator my friend.

If your lawns are large enough you could go with a grasshopper

but dollars to donuts a walker is your machine
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