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Originally Posted by Fresh_Cut View Post
This. This is the underlying issue with most of these posts. Insecurity is the worst reason to carry.

If you feel vulnerable without a pistol, you don't need one.
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Down in Texas we strongly encourage guns, but I don't believe in anyone carrying who has intentions to use it for the wrong purpose or not use it at all if the need arises. A guy I went to high school with from Buda was down in Houston and got threatened with a gun, needless to say the guy that pulled the gun had no intention of using it and it winded up in the other guys hands in reverse action, guess who ended up with the firearm up against them?

If your going to carry, carry, but be prepared to use it. Although this country has some bad areas it's not all that bad that everyone has to carry a gun. I've been to parts of Houston where gangs are blocking off the street telling you to tun around and that you can't drive down the street. I seen one guy chasing an HPD officer down the street telling him to move off the "block" and you can bet the HPD officer kept moving. I'm not in those parts of town, live in a new city, and work in certain neighborhoods where I don't too much worry about any of this anymore. But when I did live down there one of the most important things I learned was pay attention to your surroundings and you will usually be okay. You can have a firearm and get caught off guard or "slipping" as they call it down there. You can be unarmed and paying attention to your surroundings and be much better off.
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