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Ogura or Warner or Fatboy Extreme????

Hi Everybody,

Have an issue with my Scag Tiger Cub, the clutch coil is showing a direct short.

In looking on the web and Ebay I see it seems my mower could have had either a Ogura or a Warner.

Mine has an Ogura, looks like the anchor is different on the Ogura vs. the Warner.

BUT my question is,,,

Which is the best brand???

Obviously with under 500 hours I am not really pleased with the Ogura
****YES I adjusted the air gap regularly*****

Is this just the life span of a mower clutch??
This is the only one I have other than on A/C for automobiles and I have never had an issue on those other than an occasional bearing.

I am not bothered by changing the mounting for a BETTER unit as long as it fits my shaft and the pulley is in line.

Are these EXTREME Fatboy clutches I see on ebay any good??
Looked and read good anyway.

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