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Originally Posted by Erik1981 View Post
We just ordered two Gravely Commercial 21's. We are excited to use them. In the past we have just used a heavier duty residential 21" since we use our Gravely Pro Turn 460 for almost everything, but this year we have a need for commercial duty thanks to a large HOA account. Now all we need is for the snow to finish melting!!
Excitement quickly turns to disappointment with this machine. First of all for not having a bbc and having an aluminum deck this thing is heavy!! Next thing I noticed on my first lawn is how dull the blade came from the factory (it was leaving stragglers on dry normal growth.) Next was the joy of trying to empty the bag, the opening is very small and it makes it very hard. The deck looks like it has alot of vacuum but again I was disappointed, it struggles to suck up even the smallest dryest leaves and debris. Mulching isnt too good either, if its tall or wet you have to go slow. Speaking of wich the gearing is uncomfortable as well, 2nd is kind of slow but 3rd is wayyy too fast. Another issue I have is the mower runs rough until its warm but I dont have time to take it to the dealer and I can not be without a mower (hence me spending $1100 on a mower I thought was ok) all in all this thing doesnt hold a candle to the residential honda that it replaced.
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