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results after 3 weeks

I hate ryegrass. The "new wave" are the improved turf-type tall fescues. Deep roots. Disease resistant. And the newest cultivars of TTTF's also have "spreading capabilities". Here's one we seeded this spring after 3 weeks. The area was pretty much "bare dirt".

1) we spread the TTTF grass seed on all thin/bare areas
2) we "core aerated" these areas multiple times (about 3 or 4 times)
a) this prepared the seed bed
b) this relieved existing soil compaction
c) this greatly improved soil-to-seed contact

What we used:

'Earth Carpet' 4-way blend of (dwarf) turf-type tall fescue
TURFCO XT5 hydrostatic core aerator

Slit seeding/drill seeding or topdressing > we tried these methods over the years. Problem was these methods are "cheap shortcuts" imo. You can't expect seedlings having much of a survival rate unless you give them a chance in decent growing conditions.

We buy our seed from Lacrosse Forage.
This example was one of 20 lawns we seeded May 6 and May 7. 2014. Results are similar on the rest of these lawns.
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