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I went with the Xtreme Clutch so I guess I'll see what happens.

I'll have to change the stop on it but no big deal there,,
Basically I have an Ogura mount/stop and will have to change it to a Warner style.

Will try and keep the rubber bumper system from the Ogura

Talked to one of the engineers at the company and he was quite knowledgeable on the issue

Stated that this one will have about 30% more holding power
Can't remember if he was using ft.lbs. or some other unit but the Ogura was 150's and this new one will be 200.

I explained this mower gets used more as a Bush Hog than a lawnmower so he said I was more than likely suffering from clutch slippage which heated up the coil and killed it.

Said HEAT is the general reason for a dead short coil.

$180 down on cash now so keeping fingers crossed,,

Will update when it arrives and I get it mounted maybe post some pics if anyone else finds this situation
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