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Originally Posted by TwoGuyswithMowers View Post
I'm about maxed out at my current job, unless I was willing to relocate. That is not an option, so I'm pretty much where I'd be for the rest of my time here. I'm not miserable at my job, but it's not very fulfilling. But, I know I'm paid pretty well and have very good benefits so I just tell myself "screw being fulfilled" and keep plugging away.

I really only picked lawn care because it was so easy to get started. I don't mind the work at all, but I definitely wouldn't say I have a passion for it. The fun part for me is coming home afterwards and entering everything into Quickbooks and my spreadsheets.

I'm so far away from being able to make any kind of switch that I don't have a choice but to run it on the side. The only thing that makes working 7 days a week hard right now is not knowing if the side business will go anywhere. I can make it fine on what I make at the job only, so thinking about how the business could become full-time one day is what motivates me to get out and work on my days off, instead of going fishing and spending time with the family.
And you don't even have a passion for it? And you want to quit a great job for it? You crack me up
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