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Originally Posted by larryinalabama View Post
I was 32 a while back and I did a lot of DUMB Stuff, and I don't recommend it to others.

32vid you definitely have the right idea that nice stuff helps a lot with the shortcomings of a regular job.

I don't care what anyone says $$$$$ DOES NOT suck!
Youth is wasted on the young.

We grow old too fast and we grow smart too slow.

A unscientific study shows that most people that start a landscaping business are not leaving high paying jobs with great benefits and pensions.

We do not mind the hard labor because with enough customers we will make good money.

Most new people do not realize that it will take many many years of making little money till one gets there.

Then with a small window of being open to make good money before we are too old to keep doing the hard work.

Then to start a business where you are not into the work shows the will may not be there to keep working when things are tough.

Last, the "twoguyswithmowers" name. Is twoguys working solo or does he have a partner.
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