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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
I don't like the sound of two things:

1) "I chose lawn care because it was so easy to get into"
2) "I know a lot about/enjoy the business side of things"
I reread my original post and I don't believe I said I know a lot about the business side. I did say that's the part I like... that's the fun part. I don't claim to be some sort of expert. I have tons to learn and I enjoy learning it.

Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
These two statements do NOT go together.

did you actually DO research in the green industry?
what do you know about lawns, turf, chem, weeds, machines?
how did you get any training?
do you think we are all just guys who push mowers and there isn't anything to it?
I didn't do tons of research before I started mowing lawns. I just got some customers and started mowing. I'm a self learner and I'm learning as I go. I do lots of reading now... on lawn care and business.

Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
I would STOP right now, don't cut a single lawn more.
Spend some money and TIME researching a side business and not just go for one you "believe" is easy entry, because you obviously know very little about what you have chosen to sink time and money into.
I'm not stopping now. It doesn't take a genius to cut someone's grass once a week (luckily for me). I've had some of my customers for a year now and no way I'm telling them I can't help them anymore because I need to stop and do some research. I will openly admit that there is lots that I don't know, but I know enough to keep their grass mowed.

I got started doing this last year only as a way to make extra money to help pay off debt and it turns out that I liked it. But if it so happens that I never take it any further than that, I plan on continuing with what I'm doing now until the debt is paid off.

I do appreciate the feedback I'm getting here. I think I've learned a lot from this site.
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