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I have a full time job with good bennies and a pension. I used to run a larger scale operation with 3 workers, and 110 accounts. It was too much. Business grossed about 150K a year, but after expenses it wasn't all that much. Each Zero turn was $325 a month(I had 3), Insurance was $1500 a year, managing all of the taxes, paying the workers every week even though I was CONSTANTLY chasing customers for money. Yea can you believe it, the lawn guy gets paid LAST. Then I woke up. I dumped all of my workers, sold a Zero turn, downsized big time. Kept 40 small close range clients that all paid on time. I do them all myself. Best thing I did. With that being said, here is my advice/opinion. Out of 100 "Lawn Maintenance/Landscaping" companies maybe 10 will "Make it Big" and rake in crazy money. I personally feel like this business is tough for you make a living on. Chasing money is something landscapers always have to do I love the supplemental income from it as a side business. Its tough to rely on my clients paying me on time to pay my mortgage. That's why I love my paycheck from work. Its guaranteed. Then I just hustle hard after work and on days off doing my landscaping. Its the best of both worlds.
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