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Originally Posted by Wet_Boots View Post
I like the Ford dealer name - Manteca - that translates to 'Lard' according to Armour Star
Boots, it was a mistake The city as well as other cities in this area were railroad towns. Stops for local ranchers and farmers could get supplies and ship their products... here's a little blurb from wikpidia.....
" The residents wanted to refer to their new train station as "Cowell Station", but there was already a Cowell Station near Tracy. So, the residents agreed to change the name of the community, choosing "Monteca" as the new name.[3] This was misprinted as "Manteca" (Spanish for lard) by the railroad,[3] and the misspelled version was eventually accepted as the name of the town"

Most of the towns in the San Joaquin Valley, sometimes referred to as the central valley are pretty much Portuguese communities. So in my city's case though, it was a place of many pigs. As you correctly pointed out, Manteca means lard or fat in Spanish.

Yes, the valley is a desert that has been transformed into fertile lands because the Portuguese (primarily) were responsible for bringing water from the mountains in the north and the Sierra Mountains.(the north, as jim calls it "State of Jefferson") Los Angles is a desert environment also, hence the reason they STEAL all of our water from North CA.
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